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Kees Triplette


Kees van der Westen Mirage Triplette – used espresso machine

Kees van der Westen Mirage Triplette   Save 1/2 on this used espresso machine at a great discount during the holidays. The Mirage is a […]

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Mythos One Clima Pro – used espresso grinder

Mythos One Clima Pro Save on this great used grinder designed to provide consistency throughout the day by maintaining the environment temperature between 35-45C. The […]

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Mazzer SJ


Mazzer SJ

Mazzer Super Jolly Doser   This grinder is in excellent condition having been used lightly throughout its life. Mazzer grinders are built to last using […]

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Used La Marzocco Strada MP

La Marzocco Strada MP   The Strada was designed with Baristas and professionals in the industry to come up with a machine which would answer […]

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Kees van der Westen


Kees van der Westen Mirage

Kees van der Westen Mirage Triplette   Kees is regarded as the ” The Godfather” of espresso, he brings a unique flare and design to […]

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LM Linea


La Marzocco Linea Av – used espresso machine

  StarB* made the Linea Classic famous here in North America and is known by anyone and everyone who appreciates fine espresso. The Linea is […]

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Anfim Best


Anfim Best

Anfim Best Re-badged Pasquini, is known for starting the “prosumer” movement, selecting superior equipment and then fine tuning them to his liking. Performance Grinds very […]

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Drum Roaster


Huky 500T

1LB Drum Sample Roaster This roaster operates off a standard propane tank for a bbq utilizing an infrared burner for precise flame control. If you’re […]

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Anfim Super Caimano Barista


Anfim Super Caimano Barista

$900 The Anfim Super Caimano Barista adds a Omron digital timer, cooling fan and upgraded titanium-coated steel burrs to the stable and durable Anfim Super […]

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La Cimbali Junior S/1

The legendary La Cimbali Junior, often regarding as:  ‘the last espresso machine you will ever buy’. This statement comes from the fact that these machines […]

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