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Kees Triplette


Kees van der Westen Mirage Triplette – used espresso machine

Kees van der Westen Mirage Triplette   Save 1/2 on this used espresso machine at a great discount during the holidays. The Mirage is a […]

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Mythos One Clima Pro – used espresso grinder

Mythos One Clima Pro Save on this great used grinder designed to provide consistency throughout the day by maintaining the environment temperature between 35-45C. The […]

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Mazzer SJ


Mazzer SJ

Mazzer Super Jolly Doser   This grinder is in excellent condition having been used lightly throughout its life. Mazzer grinders are built to last using […]

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Used La Marzocco Strada MP

La Marzocco Strada MP   The Strada was designed with Baristas and professionals in the industry to come up with a machine which would answer […]

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Kees van der Westen


Kees van der Westen Mirage

Kees van der Westen Mirage Triplette   Kees is regarded as the ” The Godfather” of espresso, he brings a unique flare and design to […]

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LM Linea


La Marzocco Linea Av – used espresso machine

  StarB* made the Linea Classic famous here in North America and is known by anyone and everyone who appreciates fine espresso. The Linea is […]

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Anfim Best


Anfim Best

Anfim Best Re-badged Pasquini, is known for starting the “prosumer” movement, selecting superior equipment and then fine tuning them to his liking. Performance Grinds very […]

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Drum Roaster


Huky 500T

1LB Drum Sample Roaster This roaster operates off a standard propane tank for a bbq utilizing an infrared burner for precise flame control. If you’re […]

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Anfim Super Caimano Barista


Anfim Super Caimano Barista

$900 The Anfim Super Caimano Barista adds a Omron digital timer, cooling fan and upgraded titanium-coated steel burrs to the stable and durable Anfim Super […]

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La Cimbali Junior S/1

The legendary La Cimbali Junior, often regarding as:  ‘the last espresso machine you will ever buy’. This statement comes from the fact that these machines […]

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Part 5: Custom Linea

Blog December 5, 2017

Finally the time has come and the project has been completed. Working on an older machine has been challenging at times due to the caged boiler design but with perseveranceWhite LM Linea White LM Linea White LM Linea White Linea and support from the LM Seattle I was able to complete the machine as I had intended. The final product with tasteful additions really brought this old beauty to modern day standards. The Linea is known as the workhorse and now the most recognized machine among coffee enthusiasts

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Part 4: Linea Build

Blog September 7, 2017

Custom Linea Custom Linea Custom AV Linea Custom Linea AV


The project took a bit of seat on the back burner for month but such is life .. I’m really stocked with how the frame and panels turned out after fully stripping the old powder coat, sand blasting all pieces and finally sending it out for powder coating. The guy’s down at Surrey Powder Coating did an excellent job.



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Part 3: LM Linea Build

Blog August 21, 2017

Linea Restore Linea 2 Grp Restore 


In part 3 I’ll decide how far I would take the build, whether I would start from scratch or if there were pieces I could still use.  As can be seen in the 1st pic someone was quite thrifty and replaced the catch pan for the group 3 way  valve with a 1110 electrical box. On the bright side they did good by choosing aluminum! Next, I needed to Tig weld the hole next to the steam/brew gauge which was a key lock for entering programming mode. I opted to Tig the hole shut as all the panels would be powder coated. Not shown in pictures but I will have to relocate the PID which is mounted on the top  left side of the steam knob.

In the next part I will remove all the powder coating and send it off to have it sand blasted . . .





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Part 2 – LM Linea AV Build

Blog August 4, 2017

Linea AV Build Linea AV Build Linea Av Build

The first step in this build is a much needed cleaning as this olden goldie had been given up on years and years ago. That’s okay because I would give this machine the respect it deserved. As I had already planned on a complete tear down I decided to remove all the electronics and hydraulic lines before doing this.

I used a combination of steam and degreaser to remove the grime.


Linea AV Build Linea 2 grp RestoreLinea 2 Grp Restore






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Part 1 – La Marzocco Linea 2 GRP AV Build

Blog July 26, 2017

La Marzocco Linea 2 Grp Linea Custom Build

Lm Linea 2 Grp AV

Custom Build

Welcome to this build project. I acquired this machine just outside of Portland Oregon in Hood River , which made it a great excuse to turn it into a weekend in Portland.

The machine was fully functional when I hooked it up for the first time minus a small leak on one of the flow meters. Aside from that, it was in desperate need of a thorough cleaning.







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