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Part 3: LM Linea Build

Blog August 21, 2017

Linea Restore Linea 2 Grp Restore 


In part 3 I’ll decide how far I would take the build, whether I would start from scratch or if there were pieces I could still use.  As can be seen in the 1st pic someone was quite thrifty and replaced the catch pan for the group 3 way  valve with a 1110 electrical box. On the bright side they did good by choosing aluminum! Next, I needed to Tig weld the hole next to the steam/brew gauge which was a key lock for entering programming mode. I opted to Tig the hole shut as all the panels would be powder coated. Not shown in pictures but I will have to relocate the PID which is mounted on the top  left side of the steam knob.

In the next part I will remove all the powder coating and send it off to have it sand blasted . . .





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