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Coffed SR3 - 3KG Coffee Roaster

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Coffed SR3 Gas Coffee Roaster

Coffed roasters are hand built in Poland by a team of 22 craftsman who are passionate about their craft. They have been the go to coffee refurbishment team since 2008 and since built an 8000 sq-ft mechanized plant with the latest CNC machinery.

Coffeed coffee roasters utilize double wall drum design similar to that of renown Probat coffee roasters. A double wall drum allows the roaster to utilize a greater degree of convective roasting to avoid defects, such as scorching or tipping, caused by too much heat conduction. Having a double wall eliminates direct contact of the flame off the main drum allowing for a greater portion of heat convection.


Fully modulated with firing manager electrical ignition device and flame monitoring. 10 kW power in smooth regulation from 20-100% of power


The Seller gives the Buyer a one-year warranty for the SR3 roasting line but there is a possibility of extension

Roaster Specifications:

  • Fuel  Burner fuel: LPG/Natural gas

  • gas supply  Gas supply pressure: 20-50 mbar (37 optimally)

  • power supply Power supply: 240V

  • Firing manager electrical ignition device and flame monitoring

  • Machine ready to work with roasting software

  • Roasting capacity: up to 12 kg/h

  • Roasting time: 8-20 min.

  • Batch: 1-3 kg

  • Manual SR3+ • Drum rotation adjustment

  • Adjustment of fan speed from flue gases

  • Profile repeatability

  • Two thermocouples for bean temperature and exhaust temperature

  • Chaff cyclone connected with a bin for collecting coffee chaff

  • Double walled drum - better distribution of hot air on the drum. Stainless steel drum cover