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PuqPress Q2

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1 key ingredient to good espresso is consistent tamping. Consistent tamping eliminates one of the variables to poorly extracted espresso.
The new features of the Q2 are:
  • Nano non-stick tamp head reduces coffee build up.
  • Newadvanced stiffer frame provides even better consistency.
  • New easy adjustment wheel makes setup easier.
  • Using bottomless? Now works perfectly with bottomless porta-filters.

Simply place your portafilter in and the tamper is automatically activated giving you the perfect, even tamp in 1.3 seconds, time and time again!


  • Weight: 9 lbs.
  • UL Approved
  • Tamper Shape: Flat Base 58mm (ask for other sizes)
  • Adjustable Pressure: 22-66 lbs
  • Adjustable height for different size portafilters
  • Dispense Time: 1.3 seconds
  • Clean Mode
  • 1 Year Warranty

Can I change the tamper of my PUQpress for another diameter after purchasing it?

Yes you can, it only takes 30 seconds.

If you want to change a tamper smaller than 56mm to a tamper larger than 56mm or vice versa, your upper clamp needs to be changed as well. In that case please contact us for support.

    SKU Puq-M@
    Base Size 58.3mm
    Base Type Flat
    Calibrated Yes