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Rocket R9 Multiboiler Dual Espresso Machine

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I'd like to introduce the new Rocket RE Doppia: dual boiler, saturated brew group, PID controlled - Auto-volumetric commercial espresso machine.

I personally am thoroughly impressed with the build quality and performance of this machine. The steam and coffee boilers are built with 316 stainless steel and all hydraulic lines are stainless steel as well.

The machine features a compact design with onboard motor and pump. The machine has tall cup capacity for take away orders. The auto-volumetrics has two programmable options, button for hot water and a shot counter/temperature display conveniently located at the brew group.

The performance in the cup is as good as La Marzocco. Soft pre-infusion with the ability to program pre-brewing to adjust the amount of time to bloom the coffee before applying 9 bar. The taste in the cup with the coffee we had highlighted notes of honey, cacao with hints of chocolate.

The machine comes with 1 year warranty on parts excluding electronics and maintenance items. The machine must be installed by a trained espresso machine technician who will perform a water quality test to determine the appropriate filtration. Without a water test or installation from an espresso technician the warranty becomes void.

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